263 - Back Bay Sunset

From 365 Project
Sunset over Back Bay in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We spent the afternoon and evening with a drive in the country ending up at Sandbridge. Along the way we visited two wineries in Knotts Island North Carolina. All in all, a very nice day and evening. Canon 40D, 1/20 sec @ F/5.0, ISO 200.


really really like this one David.
Susan said…
Absolutely Gorgeous!!!
Les said…
That is a beautiful shot. It has been years since I have been to Knotts Island, and you just may have prompted me to visit again.
CIOPhoto said…
Thanks everyone for the comments, I really appreciate them. I had actually posted a different picture first and my wife Cindy urged me to change it to this one. As always, she was right!
Unknown said…
Grammy should start her own photo blog page! :+)

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