Wednesday, December 23, 2009

357 - Meet Petrie

From 365 Project
We have a new addition to our family - the "grandbird". A gift to our son Michael from his fiancé Kelly, she is a very pretty and quite social female Cockatiel named Petrie. She has quickly won our hearts and taken over the house. Canon 7D, 1/640 sec @ f/1.8, ISO 800, 50mm prime lens.


Janet said...

Birds are fun...welcome Petrie.
Merry Christmas David.

Sharon Curran said...

Awwwww Petrie is beautiful. My family always had cockatiels until my parents got a pair of lovebirds. Petrie is a beauty :o)

I hope you have a very Happy Christmas.

Susan said...

What a beautiful bird! She seems to enjoy posing for you (unlike Max the cat!) Happy Holidays!!

CIOPhoto said...

Merry Christmas loyal followers. Thanks for the comments all year long. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Cindy and I are getting very attached to Petrie, I don't think we are going to want to part with her when Mike heads back to N.J. after the holidays.