This is your SIM card on water. Any questions?
Started the day with sleet and freezing rain but now the blue sky reigns supreme.
Who remembers this? It's an unopened 1972-73 vintage bottle of Boone's Farm Wild Mountain wine. Marked $1.25 and recommended to be served "very cold". Most likely originally purchased from the Arrowhead Farm Fresh store in Virginia Beach by someone of legal age for someone not yet of legal age. I'm naming no names.
The many colors of the Crayola Crayon.
Happy that Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow but I certainly saw mine.
GE announced today that it no longer make or sell compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) lightbulbs in the US. The company will shift its focus on making the newest and most energy-efficient lightbulbs, LEDs.
Using an LED flashlight to create a starburst effect.
Not a lot to say about this picture of a spoon except to look very closely.
The checkerboard pattern of pavers outside of the historic Seaboard Building at Slover Library in Norfolk, Virginia.
Using the GestureTek interactive floor the Slover Library to promote the Midnight Society kids reading program. As you walk across the floor the fog parts to reveal the Tell-Tale Heart.
Norfolk Public Library has 210,000 additional volumes on shelves at its Administrative Center in Norfolk's Industrial Park. There's not enough room on the shelves at the NPL branches for the vast collection. All of these are catalogued and can be requested by any patron. This isle has photography, art, architecture and other nonfiction books. Some real special books on these shelves.
Today marks the 136th birthday of General Douglas MacArthur. On my way to and from work I walk by the memorial bearing his name. Like most heroes and great leaders, he was a complex person. William Manchester's biography entitled American Caesar suggests that "MacArthur was an analogue of Julius Caesar, a proposition he supports by noting their great intellect, brilliant strategic generalship, political ambition, magnanimity as conquerors, and shared tragic flaw of hubris."

One of my favorite management quotes from the great general is "You are remembered for the rules you break."
The amazing light fixture and vaulted ceiling in my office at Slover Library in Norfolk, Virginia.
My Harmony remote is in control during the NFC Championship game.
Today is National Handwriting Day so slow down and use the ultimate work processor, an elegant fountain pen.