Friday, February 19, 2010

Close Up

From 2010 Blog
Flowers have amazing details when you look really close. This African violet bloom was photographed with a super macro lens at about 2X magnification. African violets get their common name from the place of origin, Tanzania in east Africa and their resemblance to true violets. Canon 7D, 1/100 sec @ f/5.6, ISO 800, 65mm MP-E macro lens and light from a micro LED Litepanel.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

pretty cool David.

Susan said...

Wow, I can almost feel the velvety texture of the petals, and the colors are so bright and beautiful!

CIOPhoto said...

Thanks for the comments. I tried twice last year to get this image and was disappointed in the results both times. The depth of field with this macro lens it so short it makes getting the focal area right a challenge. Guess the third time is the charm.