Monday, March 1, 2010

Vacation Sunset

From 2010 Blog
This is the companion sunset picture to the sunrise picture on the February 28th post. I took this one on the same day as the beach sunrise picture. However this was near the end of our trip as our return Southwest flight was beginning to make its descent into Norfolk. I always take pictures from the airplane and they rarely meet my expectations because shooting through the multilayer Plexiglas windows with lots of vibrations make a sharp picture almost impossible. Even though its not super sharp and underexposed, I still liked this image. Canon G10, 1/40 sec @ F/6.3, ISO 400.


Les said...

Years ago when flying was still a fun adventure, looking out the window made long flights short. I think this shot turned out pretty good considering the restraints.

Vanessa Tyler said...

This makes flying seem peaceful, even though we all know these days, it's not! LOL