Sunday, January 26, 2014

Vivid - Day 26 #CY365

Vivid - In thinking of today's challenge I was looking for something that was both vivid - very bright in color and producing distinct mental images. I chose this empty bill container because of not only the bright colors but the memories it represents. This was one of two such containers that my father-in-law Carlton Garrett relied on each day towards the end of his life. Suffering from renal failure diagnosed in 2006 he spent 6 years in hemodialysis, 3 visits a week - 4 to 5 hours a visit, and then home based peritoneal dialysis for the last year and half of his life. There were a variety of pills to take four times a day and the brightly colored containers brought some order to the chaos of it all. We miss you Dad but always know your memory will be vivid.

iPhone 5, 1/300 sec @ f/2.4, ISO 50, Camera+ App, clarity enhancement, Diana filter and Film frame.

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