Thursday, January 9, 2014

Where I Stand - Day 9 #CY365

Today I stood at the edge of the Elizabeth River in Norfolk Virginia reading letters cast in bronze at the Armed Forces Memorial in Town Point Park. Each letter to a loved one from a American serving their country, who died at war is heart wrenching.

This a letter 2nd Lt. Francis M. Tracy sent to his wife from the front in World War I. He was killed in action a week later.

September 20, 1918

Dearest Woman,
. . . . My girl, my girl, how I do miss you. I didn't think it possible for one to be possessed of the longing I have for you. At night I lie awake and think and think of you, the roar of the big guns giving way before the press of mental pictures of you . . . if I had to go over the same road with you again, I am quite sure the way would be easier for you. The mistakes I have made, the heartaches I have caused you stand out like the shell holes that deface so much of this country, that was once so beautiful. I am learning my lesson, honey, and this experience, this absence from you, is burning its brand into my soul . . .
. . . We are certain to move very soon, and when we do, we will not be able to write letters . . . . I trust, and feel sure, that you and all of my real friends are saying a few silent prayers, that we may all do our duty completely, and live to tell those whom we love how we did it . . . . Pray for me and all our boys . . . . Your devoted Hubby.

Francis M. Tracy
d. September 27, 1918

So this is where I stand lest we ever forget the sacrifices made for freedoms by our Armed Forces and the ones they loved.

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