252 - Reflective

From 365 Project
School is back in session and the yellow buses have returned to the streets in force. I have noticed how my car headlights illuminate the reflective tape long before you can see the actual bus. In this night photo of a line of school buses parked near the Kempsville intersection in Virginia Beach illuminate nicely with a little help from an off-camera strobe. Canon 40D, 1 sec @ f/5.0, ISO 200, 28mm focal length, Vivitar 285HV strobe on quarter power trigger by wireless remote. Camera mounted on a tripod. My thanks to Cindy for the subject suggestion.


That is pretty interesting looking.
Susan said…
This doesn't even look real! I love this photo...it is kinda spooky looking! A great shot!
CIOPhoto said…
Thanks Susan. I took a few others photos with more flash and you can see the yellow buses more. But like you, I favored the reflective tape suspended in the darkness.
Cait said…
Interesting exposure- instantly recognizable objects despite being a very low-key image!

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