Wednesday, September 23, 2009

266 - Shaking Like a Leaf

From 365 Project
I often hear the expression "shaking like a leaf" to describe when someone was nervous or frightened. I was taking a macro photo of this fern tip tonight and put a lot of effort into capturing a tack sharp image. I used my tripod, focusing rail and carefully waited for all of the movement to stop before using a cable release to fire the camera. I got some nice sharp macro images but they just weren't satisfying. So I took another photo just after slightly taping the fern stem to put it in motion and I really liked the effect. I hope you find it pleasing as well. Canon Rebel XTi, 1/3 sec @ f/10.0, ISO 400, 65mm macro lens at 1X magnification. Back lighting from a Micropanel LED.


Susan said...

I really like this one! Everything about it- the subject, the color and the motion, all make for a really great shot!

Anonymous said...

Super cool shot!!-Stacy